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1) Every 2 weeks (Network Admin)
2) Log in to Web Server (SSH)
3) Get Plugin Folder Name
4) Get Version Number
5) record version and name in document
6) Copy Name< Add to update list with Date and record new version number
7) Clear cache, test site
8) Test configurator (most common issue that breaks)


a3rev: related to Woocomerce Quotes and Orders, makes any user not logged in to see woocomerce as quote system

Address Geo Locator: Old and Geo Locates new distibutors address on google map

Admin Colums Pro: Add Admin Columns

Advanced Editor Tools: Replaced TinyMCE

Advanced Order Export: creates a CSV file of a new order in a directory called export > orders that EPICOR then retrieves

Autocomplete for Learndash: Ranger Academy platform will autocomplete the Ranger Academy lesson

Broadcast: Largely Used for Products, Products need to be set up for 3 sites, it will publish all the products on th3 3 3 sites (check off LINK POST TO CHILDREN)

Demo Product Page Widget (Raf created)

E2PDF: Configurator?

Easy FancyBox: Lightbox

Facebook for Woocomerce: Makes Facebook ppst for Woocomerce

Grassblade: Related to LEARNDASH

Groups: It creates wordpress groups, connected to distributor portal mostly (user management)

Itthinx Plugins : related to GROUPS

Need to manually retrieve Learn Dash plugin

Lucky Orange: Heat map tracking

Manage Notifications (disables notifications)

Meta box Plugins used on configurator

Meta Slider; Slider plugin

Mini Orange: for Sales Force Obelct Sync

Multisite Custom Css (used to he with Multiste CSS)

Network media Gallery (connect the Media Gallery with all multisite)

Next Gen Plugins: Add Checkbox and Gallery etc

Object Data Sync/ Object Sync fio Salesforce” no longer maintained, no support

Pardot: is Sales Force Forms (may not be needed)

Query Monitor: to Debug things on staging

Regenerate Thumbnails: Regenrate the Thumbnails

Sensei LMS: Old LMS

ShiftNav: For Menu

Spectra: Old Guttenberg extension

Ubermenu 3: Uber menu

Unconfirmed: Let’s you sync all sites user has access to

Unfiltered: Multiste plugin

User Role Editor: Have noy updated, waiting for newer version , issue with latest update


1) Ranger Design Custom (Enhance the Function file of the Geneiss Theme)
2) Ranger Design Distributor Portal: Enhance the Theme Function file, strips out functions not needed, and keeps only the distributor portal functions only in here, some functions have not been moved over from the Ranger Design Custom Plugin
3) Ranger Design Short Codes (houses all our shortcodes)
4) Ranger Design User Registration: Custom User Registration Page, A Plugin where CS (customer support) can add users. (CS has no access to wordpress). We manage all user login, no password reset etc.
5) Ranger Locator: Old Locator system, we may need to disable