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Ford Transit Connect Van Accessories, Shelving & Racks

Ranger Design’s Full range of Commercial Cargo Van Interiors.

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The Ford Transit Connect (2014+ Model) is a popular choice for the tradesman who’s looking for a less costly, more maneuverable vehicle than the full-size commercial van. Upfitting with Ranger Design’s Ford Transit Connect shelving, accessories and ladder racks will allow you to better manager your cargo space and increase your productivity.

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Ford Transit Connect (2014+) Upfit Packages
Get back on the road quickly

Ranger Design offers pre-engineered packages that can meet the demands of any trade and the needs of any tradesman. Get your Transit Connect into service as soon as possible with these complete upfit packages specifically designed for your trade. Layouts are optimized for maximum productivity and ensures that all tools are well within reach. Ranger Design has everything to make your Ford Transit Connect an effective and safe service van.




Ford Transit Connect Van Partitions
Safe. Efficient. Quiet.

Safety and comfort can easily and affordably be added to your commercial van by installing a Ford Transit Connect van partition. These van partitions (or bulkhead partitions) protect the occupants by pulling a heavy-duty, reinforced barrier between the cab area and any unsecured cargo. A cargo van partition can also improve the comfort of the cab by making climate control more efficient, while still letting seats have full travel.

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Ranger Design Ladder Racks    

Ladder Racks for the Transit Connect
You Can Reach New Heights!

Ranger Design has ladder racks that can meet the demands of any serviceman of any trade. Consider the versatile combination ladder rack that allows both an extension ladder and a step ladder to be safely and securely transported or a cargo rack that has an outstanding payload capacity.

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Create the ultimate storage system with our sturdy accessories. Keep you tools tidy and one location with adjustable metal dividers that can be placed anywhere on the shelf. Stop searching for small parts with tough ABS bins that can help you organize your work space neatly and carry it onto the jobsite. Need extra security to safe guard your equipment? Install sturdy, aluminum, locking doors that can be attached easily to your shelving unit. It’s a great way to protect your valuables, or even just to keep your tools on the shelves during your ride to work.

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Quiet Performance
Increased Comfort

Ranger Design Transit Connect shelving and van equipment is quiet, because it’s engineered to eliminate the rattles and squeaks that can become annoying. This contributes to a more comfortable, stress free ride. Because of our uniquely designed van equipment, we are able to offer you an industry leading, no hassle guarantee. We guarantee that not only will our products perform quietly when first installed, but it will continue to provide quiet performance throughout many years of tough service.



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