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Ford Transit Shelving,
Accessories & Racks

Ranger Design’s Full range of Commercial Cargo Van Interiors

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Ranger Design's Configurator

Ranger Design Commercial Van Configurator
Build Your Ford Transit Shelving Van Upfit

Maximize your Ford Transit shelving and storage space by upfitting with Ranger Design Equipment! You can choose your trade package or start blank and add your Ford Transit shelving, van accessories, ladder rack and storage. As a result, this will allow you to create a workspace that suits your needs and budget.

Your dealership will give you up to $1000 upfit assitance towards an upfit through the Ford Truck Commercial Connection Program.

Please note: the configurator will not work on smart phones or tablets other than an iPad.

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Ford Transit Cargo Van Packages
Get More out of Your Work Van

Ranger Design’s Ford Transit shelving and packages are designed specifically with your trade in mind. For that reason, you can be sure that your most frequently used tools and van equipment are always well within reach. Choose a commercial vehicle package optimized for maximum productivity, and that is
tough, quiet and efficient.



Adaptable Ford Transit Shelving
Make Your Transit a TOUGH Work Van!

Ranger Design’s Ford Transit shelving is tough, quiet (no annoying rattles) and delivers a stress free ride. Because of this unique design, we are able to offer you an industry leading, no hassle guarantee. This means that not only does the product perform quietly when it’s new, but will continue to perform year after year.

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Ranger Design Bins

Get your work van organized
Ford Transit Shelving bins, Dividers, Partskeepers, hooks & accessories

Keep all of your small parts and tools neatly and securely stored thanks to Ranger Design’s full line of bin packages, dividers and Partskeeper organizers. With a number of different combinations available, you’re sure to find the features you need.

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Ford Transit Drop Down Ladder Racks
Extra Tough & Ergonomic Ladder Racks

This innovative design will keep you safe due to the ladder being lowered and raised onto the van. This is especially important on the high roof Ford Transit where dealing with the ladder can be a real hassle.

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Ranger Design Max Rack
Ford Transit

Crash-Tested Ford Transit Partitions
Protect the most important asset: YOU

Ranger Design safety partitions for the Ford Transit provides a solid and secure barrier between the occupants of the van and the cargo. Select a partition designed for maximum impact resistance. Furthermore, these partitions also provide a more comfortable environment for the driver. This is achieved by giving more seat travel and by not rattling as the vehicle drives down the road.

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