Drop-Down Van Ladder RackNEW! THE MAX RACK 2.0

A solution for all high roof cargo vans, the Max Rack 2.0 allows tradesmen easy access to their ladders with the least amount of effort. The loading and unloading process is a smooth, single stage operation. In keeping with our high safety standards, there’s no need to stand below the ladder while it lowers thanks to our industry exclusive single stage drop. Bi-directional dampers in the rack’s mechanism ensure a smooth operation both to raise the ladder and to lower it. Another enhanced safety feature of the Max Rack 2.0 is its reduced profile, now sitting 3” lower to diminish chances of catching any low hanging objects such as drive-thru signs or tree branches. Made from military grade aluminum to eliminate any risk of rust or corrosion, the Max Rack 2.0 is designed for carrying extension ladders and step ladders.

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Optimize the space on your van roof with this new aerodynamic and quiet cargo roof rack. If you're looking for a van ladder rack you can rely on no matter what the job, this cargo roof rack is the answer! This NEW roof rack is light-weight with a carrying capacity of up to 300lbs. It features a full width rear roller for easy transport of racks, building materials, pipe transportation and scaffolding. The T-Track technology for easy crossbar positioning gives you the ultimate flexibility. It is quick to install - No drilling required as it fits on factory mounting holes.

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Simple and SturdyCLAMP ROOF RACKS

Made from military grade aluminum with tough stainless-steel components, these racks are designed to endure the elements without wear and tear. These roof racks are best suited to carry step ladders or extension ladders, or both if you go with the double clamp rack! The chance of damaging your ladder is eliminated as it never comes into contact with the metal extrusions of the rack.

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Multipurpose RackCombination Van Ladder Racks

Need more than one size of ladder on the job? Our versatile combination racks allow both extension and step ladders to be safely and securely transported together. Built from heavy-duty rust-proof aluminum, these ladder racks are proven tough with a carrying capacity of up to 400lbs. Designed to withstand the daily abuse that tradesmen throw at them, they offer a 10-year warranty - one of the best in the industry. If 2 ladders aren't enough, you can even add on accessories such as transport tubes for carrying conduit and tubing. Next time you're in the market for a multi purpose rack for your commercial van, be sure to check out Ranger Design's solutions!

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